Striking a Balance

Balancing Act

Balance.  There are over 31 definitions of balance at (a bookmarked favorite for this etymologist) but for the sake of this blog, we will limit the definition of the word “Balance” to: a state of equilibrium or equipoise.

There are a core number of concepts that I try and live by everyday to achieve a Beautiful Existence, and one of them is balance.

The foundation of balance in human understanding has been with us since our existence started.  It is hard not to find balance in nature, our bodies, our world if you don’t pay attention since most universal truths have a balance at their core.  The Chinese invented the concept of “yin-yang” and other religions inspired the “do unto others as you would have done unto you” but as I see it, balance is literally at the core of all understanding for almost everything we have studied, explored, conceptualized, etc. since time began.  It is my opinion that if something in the universe (or our level of understanding) is NOT balanced with an opposing force somewhere… then we just plain don’t understand that particular idea/creation yet entirely.

So if balance is a core element to achieving a Beautiful Existence, that means that it can be evaluated against everything in our lives so we can move the middle of our current “balance” to a more Beautiful level of existence.

I will be introducing and revisiting these core elements throughout this blog so that other observations and concepts in my future writing will become contextually clear.

As Shakespeare so duly noted “Though this be madness yet there is method in it.”


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