A secret path

When I was a girl growing up on my parent’s farm I was constantly in a world of awe and wonder at nature.  I had my “secret” places, which would change from time to time.  Places I would hide treasures in, places I would hang out in to get away from my annoying younger brother and sister, places where for a couple of moments of my day… I could just sit and be at peace with myself and nature.

This is a path that was created by one of these secret spaces…

It is called the “island” by my family, and it’s FULL of hidden places.  I’ve shown my older son one of my secret spaces in the last couple of years and I’ve now started to take my younger son to some of these secret places to… I hope that one or both of them eventually see the magic I witnessed as a youth.

No matter what they end up seeing, I’m constantly amazed at how just one image can transport me back to my childhood and give me my “secret” space again to escape to during hectic times in my now-adult life!


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