What will you leave behind?

Loie Fuller, photo taken between 1890 and 1909

PHOTOGRAPHER: Marceau, Theodore C. (1860-1922)

I reposted this image from a private Facebook group for SO MANY reasons! I marvel at how far photography has come but in hindsight we were already experiencing BRILLIANCE even in the first years! I adore the current dance and artistic forms we now employ but realize just how much there really is “nothing new under the sun” for us. A reason why I believe we have such discontent for life in our societies now. Our species is missing those SPARKS, those bright candles which light the way for the new, the bizarre, the “unknown” for the rest to be shocked by anymore. Our shock is in the terror, not the Art lately…. we need to change that.

I invite you to just sit with this picture. It was taken OVER 100 years ago! By a novice, with crude instruments, using pure imagination to do nothing but try to capture a millisecond of real, life GREATNESS and with perfect orchestra! 

Are we so far removed from this ideal? Are we so technologically spoiled, so socially numb that we cannot/will not venture out to create such significance in the world today?

I say NO! I say GO DO IT TODAY! 

Don’t you want some other human in 100+ years to look, read, study or enjoy that ONE THING you produced in the world that had so much significance, so much LOVE & CARE for life that it sparked their hearts generations later? I will answer that question for you too…. YES. YOU. DO!!!!  

So go be, do, seek your passions out! This world becomes better when we are our blessings for others. ❤ 


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