Current Poetry

“A Windows View Obstructed”

A Windows view obstructed

Blue skies flash

between landscapes.

Bridges and cars on highways

Pass, in a flicker,

Quicker than a blink.

Music streams through my mind,

Distracting, idling my time

From heartbeat a flutter,

And mind running amok.

Thoughts of you calm,

Smooth crevasses and cracks,

Strains of emotion.

Closing glow of the day

Fades, disappears into your touch,

miles away. So far away.

My view is beautiful.

Beautiful you.

“Fly Away”

Do not fly away so far dear one,

For we have only first met.

As night shadows on me dear one,

A coast at your back you’ll let.

The fates will be ours again dear one,

When feet on my soil you do set. 

So fly with me, fly with me, fly with me dear one!

A future unloved our only regret.

“The Path Less Chosen”

Somewhere, along the way,

A long, long time ago….

I told myself it wasn’t safe,

That my feelings weren’t safe to show.
But then suddenly in my soul,

A place not many stood before,

Your presence opened up my light 

And prompted me through your door.
And now I’m standing at a start,

of a roadway I don’t pretend to know.

But with you, this all feels right

So stay with me, stay with me in our flow.

“My life is yours….”

When your head is softly held on my shoulders and your breath warms my skin, my life is yours.

When your eyes burst my soul open with their sparkle and shine towards mine, my life is yours. 

When our hands join in a loving union as we walk together down the street, my life is yours.

When we realize that our souls belong to each other as our lips sync in time, my life is yours. 

Bring me your life my love, bring my life into it all. 

Make me your wife my love, we are worth it all! ❤️


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