Beautiful Existence

Beautiful looking straight ahead

Beautiful Existence?  Is that your real name?  The answer is YES, it is my real name.

My name is how I’ve always lived… fearless to try new things, to test the waters of life and find out what’s true for me. I have created businesses to help limit environmental impact that I had NO idea how to start! (Green Scene TV in Denver, a children’s environmental clothing line EdgeweaR in Boulder)  I’ve pushed the limits of upcycling designs for years and have started research on evolving humanity through social media platforms.

WHY? do I do these challenges?

So I guess you can say that from my limitless view of possibility, my background in online marketing and branding, that my yearly challenges and blogs were born!  The first years challenge to follow a brand for 365 days (Goodwill) was so fantastic that it’s lead to me mapping out over 20 years worth of personal challenges to explore in my life!  With everything from politics to pennies, coffee to communities and everything in between… I will explore brands, their communities and that which defines our existence for a year and write all about it on my blogs.  You can see some of my past and current years challenge blogs below:

2011 – Living The Goodwill Life

2012 – Parents Tested Mommy Approved

2013 – Starbucks (For 1 Year of My Life’s first challenge)

2014 – REI and to learn every recreational sport (over 80+ of them)

2015 – Sub Pop and “An Instrument A Day” challenge

2016 – #365Converse 

Thank you for joining me on my yearly challenge adventures… and happy reading!

-Beautiful Existence

If you would like to contact me:

I am eternally grateful to be called mommy to these two beautiful souls!

This is my special mountain in Boulder, CO where my name (and my youngest son’s name) came to me and I used to sit and admire our beautiful world!

My Mountain


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