#ShouldICare that #IHaveNoHair?

Nope, for #IAmAWiseWoman that has #NoUse for #Stereotypes anymore.


#ShouldISeek for #YourApproval?

Nope, because #IAmAWiseWoman that has #NoUse for restrictions that are a bore.


#ShouldIWant a body #ThatYouDesire?

Nope, because #IAmAWiseWoman that knows worth is love, not pounds.


#ShouldIWish a life #LikeYours?

Nope, because #IAmAWiseWoman and my life is already fabulous beyond belief!


Farm Girl

How do you express to others how you grew up?

There are not enough descriptors to fill that knowledge cup.

You can say Chickens and Cows and Horses and such,

but those are just names and not experiences for much.

How would you describe milking a cow?

Or killing chickens or churning butter or bucking hay…just how?

It is a perspective of life unlike any other,

like being a lover, a brother, a father or a mother.

I’ll tell you some things that might hit the spot…

You know where your food comes from whether you like it or not!

You learn the birds and the bees very quickly you see,

and realize that animals are a lot like you and me!

They are born; they nurse and feel the closeness of their mom,

they frolic and play and don’t like to be alone for very long.

They are inquisitive and brash and will burst through your gates,

but they rely on you to live so they will sit patiently and wait.

They are beautiful living and breathing and feeling beings,

made for much more than to sit on your plate next to the beans!

You learn from a young age how the earth nurtures us all,

and that she reaches from the brown dirt to the colorful falls.

That you live in a cycle from which you once came,

and that eventually everything will go back to her name.

You frolic and play in her growing plant’s shadows,

and you get to eat and thrive and live from all in her that is hallow.

Your will learn about life unlike anything taught from books,

you will squirm and cry when something dies… but you will still look.

Yes, growing up on a farm is difficult at best to understand,

to know exactly what it’s like to live off the land.

To learn to love animals and the earth the way that we should,

and be the stewards of ALL that surround us, if only we humans could!