#ShouldICare that #IHaveNoHair?

Nope, for #IAmAWiseWoman that has #NoUse for #Stereotypes anymore.


#ShouldISeek for #YourApproval?

Nope, because #IAmAWiseWoman that has #NoUse for restrictions that are a bore.


#ShouldIWant a body #ThatYouDesire?

Nope, because #IAmAWiseWoman that knows worth is love, not pounds.


#ShouldIWish a life #LikeYours?

Nope, because #IAmAWiseWoman and my life is already fabulous beyond belief!


Freedom Net

In over 20 years of being in the Internet world and seeing every variation of software, application, usage, creation, redesign and mapping both individually and socially of the greatest open source tool humanity has known… I decided to let my poetic musings take over in a parody found at the feet of our nation’s prettiest lady, that of liberty.

Enjoy and keep the Internet FREE!

Statue Of Liberty holding a Mac

The Net Monsterous

“So give me your wired, your voyeurs,
Your hacker masses yearning to scroll freely,
The faulty YouTubes of your streaming online store.
Send these, the outcast, chaos-crossed to me,
I lift my Internet equality forever more!”

-Beautiful Existence

Tito on the Wall

“Tito’s on my wall” she turned to us and said.
“His face is what I wake up to at the end of our bed.”
We laughed at her comments, it first appeared as a joke.
But what was comical then turned to a lesson as she spoke.
“His image was there to constantly remind…
That we all suffer, someway inside.
That our hardships might seem many,
and so clearly defined…
But there is always one more that had it harder than mine.”

I love moments like those that appear in the blink of an eye.
Watch for them and take note before they pass you by!